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Put the heart of your business on full display. I understand firsthand how running a business offers both unlimited opportunities and unforeseen challenges. You spend your time switching hats between CEO, maker, marketers, and maybe even payroll. Every moment counts. I strive to keep my design process crystal clear and to the point so you can spend your time on what really matters.

You won’t find unnecessarily complicated design concepts or jargon here. I’ll never upsell you with add-ons that do nothing to serve your website or business goals. What you will find is a bespoke branding experience shaped to fit your needs – not the other way around. Your ideal customer should immediately fall in love with your branding and design. My passion is uncovering the heart of your brand and communicating it through design to capture the heart and sales of every browser. Whether you need a little or a lot, your business deserves VIP treatment. I give every project my full attention so I can create something that fully flaunts your passion and mission statement.

PYE | Branding Packages

Just as you are more than your clothes, your business is more than simply your design and logo. Building your brand allows customers to connect with your business on a personal level. Now more than ever, customers seek out businesses that have a clear, accessible voice and personality.

Branding isn’t a one size fits all sweater, that’s why I’ve created three brand identity bundles so you can choose one that fits your business just right. Each carefully curated branding bundle includes key assets every business should have to stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, you can take your branding to the next level with stationery designs that give you the cohesive, professional edge you’ve been searching for.



  • One-to-one consultation
  • 3 x Unique Logo Concepts to choose from
  • Final Logo Design & Icons
  • Patterns, textures & colours
  • Brand Style Guide



  • One-to-one consultation
  • 3 x Unique Logo Concepts to choose from
  • Final Logo Design & Icons
  • Patterns, textures & colours
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Wordpress Website Design


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