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I’m Becca, a brand designer, marketing strategist, web specialist and founder of PYE.

I adore connecting with smart, business-savvy and independent women to help them bring their businesses to life… because I was once in the very same boat as you.

But it’s not just my personal interest in small businesses that informs what I do. I leverage a unique skillset acquired from 8 years of marketing experience working for global brands. This allows me to provide high-achieving entrepreneurs like you with solutions that ignite new interest and reminds repeat clients and customers why they loved you in the first place.

To put it simply, my experience and understanding of brands allows me to shape success and genuine connections with your ideal customers and clients.


I’m the Creative Director of PYE but I started as a Graphic Designer around 10 years ago now, and have worked with some amazing brands such as Sony, Vision Express and Barclaycard to name a few.

I’m driven by an overwhelming desire to see your business flourish and succeed. My mission is to create the visual tools you need to tell your brand story, communicate your message and above all, capture the hearts and minds of your dream clients.


PYE is  my maiden name, and its also my nickname and has been my nickname for what feels like a million years so of course my business had to be called PYE.

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